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We recently supplied a Shoprider Nippy Powerchair to one of our clients "K" in Gillingham. Unfortunately, this chair was far too small for the lady's needs and she phoned asking if we had anything more suited to her size.

We had another slightly larger Shoprider Powerchair, and a "Beatle Handicare" (recently advertised for sale on this page). K was very interested in the Beatle, she even looked up the spec on the web and phoned back excitedly that this chair would much better suit her needs.

Last Friday afternoon our Shop Manager Tony and Secretary Carolyn delivered this chair to K, she was absolutely over the moon with it. With tears of Joy in her eyes. she said in her own words "it will make me feel more human" and she was so pleased and excited that we were able to supply a flexible, yet comfortable chair. K has to sit in her chair nearly all day and the electric rise and tilt and larger wheels, allows her to reach parts of the house that she could not do before.

Even before our team returned to the office, she was on the phone congratulating us on supplying such a fantastic chair, she said she had even been sitting out in the garden for the 1st time in years and finished of the call with "Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!"

Carolyn and I had the same feelings and commented, "This is what DAG is all about, this makes it all worth while!!!" That we have been able to instantly improved the quality of life of one of our more disabled clients. It brought tears to our eyes the level of appreciation K bestowed upon us.

It might be a long while before we can so completely fulfil the needs of one of our clients in the same way, but it was so heart warming that this chair, that we have had so much trouble finding a home for, due to it's bulky size, finally might have found it's home and an exceedingly Happy Client.

From all of us at DAG, we offer our thanks and very best wishes to K and her Beatle. We hope it will serve her needs for many years to come!!!!